Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fallout 3 Screenshots!

Does this game look cool, or what? Seriously, if the producers of Fallout 3 manage to make this game half as good as the screen shots indicate then it will be a roaring success with the Post- holocaust RPG genre fans. The more I see of this game the more eager I become to own a copy.

There are a number of screen shots available over at Joystiq. This game looks to be coming along very well! Bethesda even has a new forum up for fans of Fallout 3, as well as sections for fans of Oblivion.

Work faster, guys!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Welcome to Graey's Haven

Welcome to my little Haven in the Dark Woods of the Interweb. I decided to put up yet another blog, (separate from those which reflect other interests) for some of my more fantastical leanings, such as Role Playing Games, movies , books, Role Playing Games and the like. While I haven't gamed in quite a few years, my interest is still there and as my kids get older I find that I have a yearning to teach them to play. Now I know why we had kids!!

My first introduction to RPG's was through my favourite game, Tunnels and Trolls, written by Ken St. Andre and produced by Flying Buffalo, Inc. I frittered away spent many an hour playing T and T with friends and comrades in the early 80's and those were some good times! As time progressed I found and played other games such as Stormbringer (another St. Andre creation) from Chaosium. That was followed by another of my all time favourite games - Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes. It was another Flying Buffalo game, written by Michael Stackpole this time. Man was this game flexible and fun!

For a time I ran a fanzine called the Chronicles of Chaos, dedicated to Stormbringer and RPG's. These days there are some mentions of other online 'zines with that name but they're just poseurs. I had the original and will someday reprint them for the web in .pdf format. Look for the links here!

Even later I discovered other great games. Call of Cthulhu, Champions, Justice, Inc. and many others. I played in games and ran them as a game master. I did this all over the world and even got paid for it while working for an overseas school. I had used to have a great time with RPG's back in the heyday of the "pen and paper" gaming genre.

All too often today, it seems as if people are doing their Role Playing in front of a game console or computer. That includes me, too. I have a great fondness for Morrowind and have played quite a bit of it. It doesn't have quite the satisfaction of rolling the bones and talking with people, tho. Of course T&T was a leader in the area of solitaire play, as well as computer play. Go figure. I hope to have a solitaire adventure up here sometime in the near future. I find I'd like to get my hands wet with game design again and I've been working on a little something. Maybe it'll be up sooner, rather than later. Till then....

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The Golden Compass

Coming soon to a theatre near you is "The Golden Compass". An alternate reality, "steampunkish" adventure. I took the time, while on vacation this year to read the book and I must say that I think this movie, (if it remains relatively true to the book) will be a good one.

As a fan of good science fiction and fantasy, (something in short supply these days), I must say that I'm looking forward to this movie. The armoured polar bears are eagerly awaited!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fallout 3 Trailer Online.

Fallout 3, the direct descendant of Wasteland by Ken St. Andre and Michael Stackpole is set for a Fall 2008 release. The powers that be at Bethesda Software are currently developing the game for use on multiple platforms (PC, PS3 and X-Box 360) and it will use the same truly excellent game engine that Oblivion uses. I can see that I will be burning up plenty of X-Box time on this one, (unless they make a Mac version. Then I'll be burning up the ol' iMac's processor!). Until then they have graced us with a teaser trailer and if it is any guide they're preserving the feel that made the Fallout franchise such a joy to play in. Enjoy!

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It's Back!

After many years there has finally been a re-issue of the 70's Sci-Fi concept album, "The Intergalactic Touring Band". Hooray! I first purchased a copy of this LP (on vinyl) back when it was first released and have managed to keep it as an active part of my musical collection. Now IGTB is back in CD form, or available as an iTunes download. If you're a Sci-Fi fan and a music fan you're going to love this album. IGTB was an ensemble album that featured a LARGE number of talented performers. Meatloaf, Rod Argent, Larry Fast, "The Boss", Clarence Clemmons, Status Quo and many others appeared in varying capacities on this opus. After 30 years it still stands the test of time and holds up well, (especially when you factor in what passes for music these days).

It's hard to find any album that can withstand the test of time but. IGTB does so and does it well! Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of this. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait to get my copy on CD after all these years and get rid of my self-digitized versions.

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